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Type 1 Writes is one of the leading diabetes patient blogs in Australia, and is well known for the honest and often relatable voice of a young adult (that’s me!) dealing with day to day life with type 1 diabetes. This site is a personal diabetes blog, and includes a mix of experiences, advocacy, opinion pieces, news, and anything else in the diabetes world that grabs my interest.

Type 1 Writes is self funded. I run this site because I am passionate about diabetes, advocacy, awareness, and hopefully finding a cure someday! All editorial, content, and opinions on this site are my own. If this is not the case, it will be disclosed in individual posts. I am not qualified to provide any medical treatment, advice or otherwise.

I am happy to accept products, services, tickets, event invitations or anything else that is relevant. However, please be aware that any and all editorial and opinions on Type 1 Writes remains my own and cannot be influenced. Any forms of compensation will also be disclosed where relevant.

If you’re contacting me from overseas, please bear in mind that I live in Australia. Before getting in touch, please ensure that you have read, and have a clear understanding of this blog and it’s editorial style. Please also ensure that your pitch or proposal has a clear purpose.

Content from this site that is republished elsewhere must be credited back to Type 1 Writes. If republished content is not credited, then you are in violation of copyright.

In order to leave a comment on Type 1 Writes, you will be required to provide a valid e-mail address, which won’t be shared with anyone other than myself. Comments that are deemed inappropriate, insensitive or spam may be moderated or deleted.

Diabetes Daily began syndicating Type 1 Writes blog posts as of November 2015. Diabetes Daily does not compensate me for syndicating my blog posts, and has no influence over the editorial on this site.

Type 1 Writes does not have any influence over the editorial of other sites on the Internet that feature my writing.

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