Pressing a Button

“Go on. Take it!” One of my work Mums urged me at a plate of sweets she had brought in.

“Crank it up, Frankie,” my other mate added.

I definitely knew I was going to dive in and have something. But I was hesitating for a moment, while deliberating over a carb count and giving myself time for the insulin bolus to kick in.

Don’t get me wrong, my decisions around my food are my own. Sure, my work mates see me pull out my pump from time to time. They see me scan my FreeStyle Libre frequently while I’m wearing it. They see me drink coffee, eat sweets, laugh and do all the other “normal” things.

But I don’t think they actually appreciate just how complex these seemingly simple actions are.

Like making sure that bolus is delivered prior to eating. Making sure that I think carefully about the carb count I’m estimating. That I give enough insulin not to send me high after eating, but not too much that it will send me plummeting within an hour. Factoring in physical activity, and not being too reactive with insulin corrections.

As we were resting later, I pulled out my pump once again.

“You check it all the time?” She asked me.

For both of our benefit, I gave her a much, much simpler response.

“Yes. Whenever I eat, I pull this out and press the button to get my insulin” I replied.

“It’s better than injections?”

“It’s so much easier than before. If I want to eat, I can just press the button. If my blood sugar is high, I can just press the button, instead of having to stop and give an injection.”

I wish managing diabetes was as easy as pressing a button. But it’s nice to dream.

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