In and Around the DOC of Late II

I feel I’ve been quiet in the DOC chatter while diligently working on my own blood sugar levels and stalking my glucose meter, so here are a few items that have caught my interest lately.

Allison at The Blood Sugar Whisperer is sharing a unique perspective into preparing to conceive a child with diabetes. I’m working diligently towards bringing my A1C down, so I can relate a lot to that aspect of Allison’s writing.

Speaking of A1C, being able to look beyond the less than ideal number that I wrote about last week was crucial. This post from Mike at Diabetes Mine really hit home, and it’s great to see that there’s conversations happening in the US around re-evaluating the A1C as the sole assessment of diabetes therapy.

I frequent Facebook, Twitter and a lot of diabetes blogs for my dose of DOC. One blogger who is doing it differently is Drew of Drew’s Daily Dose. Drew is an exercise physiologist and diabetes educator who lives with type 1. I first met him in Sydney this May, and he primarily runs a popular Instagram account focussed on his passion for exercise, fitness and type 1 diabetes. Check it out here.

Steptember. The idea is that you take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days and get people to sponsor you along the way. Although this is a fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy, I still think it’s a great idea for diabetes and getting active. explains what it’s all about.

One of my favourite writers on the other side of the world is Sarah of Coffee and Insulin, and some of her recent posts have been exceptional. Sarah’s writing is just so captivating, and her lust for travel, adventure and life shines through in her writing. Happy 11th Diaversary, Sarah!

Back on the home turf, the Australian Diabetes Society and Australian Diabetes Educators Association held their annual scientific meeting last week. Tweets were rolling out from some of the passionate advocates in attendance, and you can catch up by following #adsadea2016 on Twitter.

Congratulations to Kelley at Below Seven and Kerri at Six Until Me on the recent arrival of their newborn boys. Maria at My Life: A Long Trip With T1D is also expecting, although I’m not sure her new employer realised straight away!

Tuesday night is OzDOC night. Follow @OzDiabetesOC and #OzDOC on Twitter to connect with other people with diabetes.

Last but not least, I must have missed the memo that Friday was National Dog Day. This little man has been holidaying at my house for the past two weeks, and he absolutely hates the camera. Although he did promise that he would guest blog again soon to make up for it…


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  1. Do let your dog write a blogpost or two. Dog posts end up being much more popular than the posts you write. Abby the Black Lab is definitely the star of my blog, but she has been slacking off recently.

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