I felt as though I had just opened the door of a hot oven as I stepped outside of the building where I work yesterday afternoon. Squinting as my eyes adjusted to the bright, early afternoon light, I could feel the sweat on my forehead. I let out a sigh of exhaustion. I instantly felt the burn of the blazing hot, 42 degree sun on my skin as I walked over to my car. I could swear it was hot enough to fry a steak on the burning pavement.

It must have been well over 50 degrees inside my car, which had been parked in the blazing hot sun for 8 hours straight. An uncomfortable burst of hot, dry air blew into my face as I switched on the car, waiting for the air conditioning to kick in and do its thing. I wanted nothing more than to head home, have a cold shower and flop under the air conditioner with some iced coffee. Instead, I had to brace myself for an uncomfortable drive towards the city to see my diabetes educator.

I’d refilled my drink bottle for the third time before I left work, after I’d been skulling down water for much of the day. My blood sugar was 6.2 before I left work. Although the majority of my rapid acting insulin from lunch time had worn off, I slipped a Merryteaser Reindeer chocolate from my leftover Christmas stash into my bag, just in case I needed it. The heat is often unpredictable.

It has never taken so long for my car to cool down once the air conditioning has been cranked up. That car ride to diabetes clinic was absolutely draining. My water bottle was just about empty by the time I pulled down my window to grab a ticket at the entrance to the hospital carpark. I’m not normally one to rove around for a good parking spot, but a spot undercover, and away from that deadly sun was well worth me wasting a few extra minutes. 

As I sat down in the air conditioned waiting room, my meter confirmed a hypo coming on. I pulled my now melted Merryteaser chocolate reindeer, and sucked all of the remaining life from its packet. Just like the world outside feels to me right now. Sucked of all its life, and its glory.

With the mercury set to remain above 40C here in Perth for the next three days, please look after yourself. Stay indoors, keep covered up outside, drink plenty of water, and be prepared for unexpected glucose levels.

I hate Summer. I hate the hot weather. I hate being cooped up indoors. I hate uncomfortable nights of sleep. I hate feeling exhausted and drained. I hate managing diabetes at this time of the year. And I’m very much looking forward to the cooler months of the year.

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