Some Inspiration from the #DOC

Okay, full disclosure here, I’ve stolen this idea from Diabetes Mine. Sorry guys! The Diabetes Online Community (#doc) inspires me every day, and here’s what’s caught my attention lately.

Two heads are better than one? In the case of Twice Diabetes, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve really enjoyed interacting with Kate and Melinda on Twitter this month @TwiceDiabetes. Beyond their great sense of humour, there’s also some really well thought out opinions on their blog relating to diabetes advocacy issues here in Australia.

I’m really stoked to see my blogger friend Mum of Type 1 finding her feet in the Twitterverse so quickly. You can follow her @mumoftype1. Her blog initially caught my attention for her raw honesty conveying her feelings about her son’s newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Last week she wrote an excellent analogy likening her son’s diabetes to looking after an egg.

My other blogger friend Kyle at Training T1D will be cycling 160km through the Barossa Valley in Adelaide next year in the JRDF Ride To Cure DiabetesCheck out Kyle’s story and fundraising page here. I really admire his determination, considering that exercise is not my sport of choice!

Another person you have got to follow on Twitter is Ally, better known as @verylightnosuga. She may be busy with her studies, but she doesn’t let it stop her from sharing her very honest opinions about almost anything related to diabetes and beyond.

One blog (and person) that I take a lot of inspiration from is Renza at Diabetogenic. Renza’s recent post knocked everyone’s National Diabetes Week complaints right out of the park (mine included) when she told us that living with ALL types of diabetes is crap, and that we would be far more powerful uniting and advocating together for ALL types of diabetes.

related so much to Kelly’s post last week at Diabetesaliciousness, and how she found support from the #doc during a hypo. 

My #doc friend Laddie at Test Guess and Go wrote a heartfelt letter to her daughters in law earlier this month, in relation to the two infants who recently passed away from undiagnosed diabetes.

I read a hilarious post about type 1 diabetes misconceptions by parenting blogger Stevie at A Cornish Mum during UK Diabetes Week last month. I laughed the whole way through!

My #doc friend Rick over at RADiabetes shares some heartfelt stories about living with both Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthiritis (hence, the RAD). He’s given me a fair bit of encouragement, wise words and laughs since I connected with him during Diabetes Blog Week. Thanks, Rick.

Well done to all of my #OzDOC friends who participated in Run Melbourne last weekend. We even have a fancy new mission statement. Join in every Tuesday night from 8.30pm AEST (GMT+10) by following #OzDOC/@OzDiabetesOC on Twitter.

I know that’s probably just a fraction of what’s out there. What else should I be reading/following out there in the #doc?

6 thoughts on “Some Inspiration from the #DOC

  1. Frank! That’s so lovely! It’s totally you who inspires me! You give me hope through your honestly, humour and positivity! You let me imagine a wonderful future for my son! x

  2. Thanks for linking to my post 🙂 I’m sorry you’re in the ‘Type 1’ club no one wants that membership, my 11 year old (he was diagnosed aged 5) is in the club, and was having a couple of weeks where he wanted to rip up his membership card 😉 but luckily he’s having a better week….not easy is it?
    I hope though having blogs like yours to read when he’s older will make him feel less ‘different’ and less alone with it all.

    1. No worries Stevie, I still remember it all these weeks later! I’m really inspired reading about young families like yours dealing with diabetes from a young age (I was diagnosed at 17). And your son sure looks like he’s already on a good path to feeling less alone with his diabetes with his fundraising. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Frank! Likewise, I so appreciate your honesty in your blog, and your writing style is one of my #doc favorites. I feel quite fortunate that our paths crossed during DBlog Week! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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