Sunny Saturday at Sydney Harbour

Seriously, Sydney is one of my favourite places in the world. Don’t get me wrong, Canberra was great. But as I was sitting in the taxi on the way from the airport to my hotel, my spark had well and truly returned. Drinking in the views of all these familiar places flying past me, I began to recall all of those awesome memories from last time I was here. And I was damn excited. Excited that I would be spending another week in this awesome city. The city that has by far cemented itself as my favourite city in Australia.

And this is just one of many reasons.


Seriously, I reckon a day at Sydney Harbour can fix just about any problem in the world. And if it’s a sunny day, that’s just an added bonus. The sunshine, the hustle and bustle, and just soaking in the beauty of it all. Its amazing. There’s just nothing that even comes close to this back home in Perth. Its another one of those places where life just seems to come to a standstill. And with diabetes, we need all of those moments we can get!

When I was in Canberra, my BGL’s were pretty good by holiday standards. And most mornings there I woke up to pretty decent levels. But it is a LOT harder to avoid temptation here. There are so many amazing places to eat. And then there are those places that I just want to go to every day and stock up while I can.

Like for instance, the Cannoli at Rossini Cafe.

Best #Cannoli in #Sydney

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One thing that I regretted not doing last time I was here was a tour of the Sydney Opera House. So, naturally, it was the first thing I wanted to do when I got here. After racing to the top of the stairs and attempting to open just about every door around the building, I finally realised that the proper entrance to the Foyer was tucked in about halfway up the stairs. I got my ticket, sat outside and did a quick check of my BGLs while I waited. A perfect 5.2.

The tour started, and we were treated to some more beautiful views, this time inside the building. There’s this reception room inside that’s been designed to make you feel like you’re on a cruise ship.


And this theatre with its ‘donut’ ornaments on the ceiling.


And an exclusive “side on” view of the building iteslf.


When the tour finished an hour later, I was slightly hypo. 3.9 I think. Perfect excuse to head over to Rossini’s for another Cannoli!

Sydney Harbour is bloody amazing. It was just one of those picture perfect days that I’ll remember forever, and it was great to finally be able to tick the Opera House off of my list.

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