Australian War Memorial, Canberra

I woke up after a much better night’s sleep with the morning sun blazing in through the windows. I got the shock of my life when my phone told me it was minus 4.7 degrees out there – it was pretty hard to believe from my cozy bedroom upstairs. I was beyond relieved that there were no hypos to deal with overnight, only having to get up once to pour some water down my sore throat.

Thanks to Canberra’s unbearably freezing mornings, we’ve been going out for late breakfasts, doing touristy things during the afternoon and then dinner. Eating two (larger) meals instead of my usual three has helped to compensate for all of my holiday eating. I have more time to digest and burn off my large brekky before dinner without squeezing in an unnecessary lunch for the sake of it.

I woke up to an 11.0 this morning. Not great, but understandable given the big plate of Pasta I had for dinner last night (which tends to cause a delayed rise). And by my holiday standards, excellent! But the better news came later this afternoon – a gold medal-worthy 4.5. I’ll definitely be keeping this up for the rest of the trip!

Today’s highlight was visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. There was an outside memorial area, honouring all of our fallen soldiers.



There was another beautiful view of Parliament House opposite it in the distance.


The museum inside was full of artefacts from the wars that Australia has fought in. I don’t have the longest attention span, but you could definitely spend hours there pouring over all the exhibits. Some of the aircraft and machinery there did grab my interest and gave me some good photo challenges too.


Not really diabetes related, but the War Memorial is a rich piece of our Australian history. Those soldiers gave their lives to make Australia the great place that it is today. One of the best places in the world to be living with diabetes (then again, I might be a little biased on that one…) And a place where diabetes doesn’t restrict me from travelling and fulfilling my dreams.


I think the least I can do to repay the favour is take the time to go and honour them.

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