A Day’s Worth of (Healthy) Drinking

I’ve developed some pretty healthy drinking habits since I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago. AND I’ve maintained them. Carb loaded drinks rarely tempt me in the same way that food does. And my favourite thing about healthy fluids is that they help me to bridge the gap inbetween meals when I am tempted to snack.

My day has to start with a coffee. I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob since purchasing a coffee capsule machine a few months ago, and this is now the only coffee I will drink. A single shot of espresso topped with around 200ml of Reduced Fat Milk and 1 equal sweetener tablet.


Most days I stick to one coffee, although on Fridays I am frequently found guilty of buying a large cappuccino with 2 sugars. It also doesn’t help that the coffee shop outside work is currently doing happy hour free coffee from 2 to 3pm this month!


I used to drink Cordial before I was diagnosed with diabetes, mainly because I didn’t really like the plain taste of water. However, now I only drink water with my meals. The purpose of a drink at the dinner table is to wash down my food, rather than for the taste. And I usually go through 2-3 glasses at dinner, which adds up to a lot if its got carbs in it too. I figure that if I’m going to have a flavoured drink, I’ll do it at a time where I’ll be able to enjoy it. I also have a water bottle on me throughout the day to keep me hydrated, although I find I am drinking less now that its Winter.


I usually drink tea throughout the day, particularly as a distraction when I’m feeling peckish. Which is pretty ironic, considering I used to make fun of Mum and Dad for always having cuppas. It went something like “How can you feel like having a scathing hot cuppa when you first wake up?” And now I’ve become the biggest cuppa person. I drink Lipton black tea or Twinings English Breakfast, with 1 equal tablet and some milk.


For the occasional afternoon treat it’s usually a can of Coke Zero. I wasn’t a huge soft drink person before diabetes. But funnily enough, Coke was one of the first things I demanded after I was diagnosed with diabetes in hospital. At most I might have it once a week, maybe more often during the Summer and when I eat out. The best thing about Coke Zero is that I can drink the whole can and not feel guilty about all the sugar. And, I’ve converted the family over to the dark side too! I can hardly notice any difference with regular Coke, although many (non-diabetic) people disagree, telling me they need the full sugar hit. And yes, I’ve heard all the horror stories about Coke. Believe me, in moderation you’ll be fine.


And finally, alcohol. I hardly drink any alcohol compared to other people my age. Probably just a glass of wine or shot of liquor on special occasions. My drink of choice would be a glass of white wine with dinner and a shot of Baileys Irish Cream with dessert. I only wish my doctors would believe me.

Doctor: “Do you drink alcohol?”

Me: “No, very rarely.”

Doctor: “I can ask your Mum to step outside and you can tell me the truth.”

Me: “Really, that’s the truth.”

Doctor: “I’ll just put down a glass of wine with dinner.”

I know its hard to believe, but this is really all that I drink on most days. Now if only I could be this good with my food…

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