Bolussing For My Birthday


On Friday I celebrated my birthday. For most of you that would mean birthday cake, a delicious dinner, alcohol and lots of tempting treats. I, however, have type 1 diabetes. And for me, those material things just aren’t important. I like to look at the bigger picture. Having good blood sugar levels. Good control of my diabetes.

I woke up with a blood sugar level of 5.0 and it stayed in that range for much of the day. And I’m very proud of that. For breakfast I enjoyed a slice of toast and an unsweetened coffee. For lunch it was a delicious green salad and a bottle of water. At dinner there wasn’t a drop of alcohol on the table. And to top it all off, a delicious sugar free cake.

Pffft! Like diabetes will ever stop me from enjoying a real birthday.

For morning tea it was Coffees, Peanut Butter Tim Tams and chocolate covered Profiteroles. It was Red Rooster and Boost Juice for lunch. And I had dinner made to order (thanks Mum!) of Pasta Bake and Black Forrest Cake.

Can’t really complain about the presents either (and no, I’m not 21!).

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.37.10 pm

A jar of Byron Bay Cookies that I’ve been eyeing longingly for months, some unlucky scratchies and a brand new Sony DRX-100 digital camera. I really can’t sing this camera’s praises enough – it took me 5 shots to get the perfect snap instead of the usual 50!

Even though this past year has seemed a little slow moving, I’ve got a lot to be proud of. I’ve finally started a blog, something I wanted to do for years. And in the process I ignited a whole new passion for diabetes that I never knew was there. I work with a great group of people who are like a second family to me. I have my actual family who always believe in me and support me, even through the times that I don’t believe in myself. And I’ve successfully navigated my way through another year with type 1 diabetes. That deserves a gold medal in itself!

Diabetes is a job that employs me 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. There is no annual leave, no sick days and I can’t leave it on the desk at 5 o’clock and go home. So I think I’m damn well entitled to one day where I can just have a “rest” from it all. And I bolussed. And bolussed. And bolussed.

13 thoughts on “Bolussing For My Birthday

  1. Really loved everything about this post! Wishing you a very very happy birthday! You most definitely deserve the day off. Hoping you have another great year ahead.

  2. Happy Birthday, Frank! You are such a baby compared to my 63 years. But enjoy today and every day in your future. Do your best with diabetes and do your best to have a great life that has nothing to do with diabetes. You’re young enough that I hope you will enjoy technological break-throughs or even a cure that will make future birthdays a walk-in-the-park….

    1. Thanks Laddie 🙂 That sure would be nice, but at the same time I think I’d rather see a cure for Cancer, Alzheimer’s and all those other diseases that take lives.

  3. Happie Happie Birthday Frank!
    Diabetes cannot stop us from having fun ever, ever, EVER. Happy to see your pictures and that you had so much fun! Oh and the sugar free cake reminded me of my last birthday celebration! 😀

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