Ryvita Crispbread

When lunchtime hits in my household, you can probably place your bets on how long I will spend opening and closing the cupboards and fridges looking for something different to have. I take forever to make a decision, because I’m not the kind of person who can just eat the same thing every day.

If you’re looking for some lunchtime inspiration, Ryvita Crispbreads should do the trick. Dense, grainy crackers served with the topping of your choice – mine being Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Smoked Ham and Spinach – should make for a satisfying light lunch or mid afternoon snack.

There are currently three varieties on the supermarket shelf including Original Rye, Sesame Rye and Multigrain, full of wholesome-sounding ingredients such as Wholegrain Rye Flour and a variety of wholegrains and seeds.


The nutrition information ticks all of the boxes for me. The fat and sugar content is suprisingly low for a processed product. Meanwhile, the dense flours, seeds and grains embedded into the crispbread help beef up the protein and non-carb energy in the product and lower the overall Glycemic Index. The end result is a satisfying snack that will release energy and glucose into the bloodstream slowly and will help you feel fuller for longer.

In the same way that wholegrains and seeds make breads more interesting, the dense, grainy composition of Ryvita gives it a point of difference from most other crackers. Although it doesn’t have a strong flavour, its meant to be had with toppings such as ricotta, cheese, lean meats or fresh vegetables. It also doesn’t leave a salty aftertaste, which I think is a good thing.


Ryvita can be found in Woolies, Coles, IGA and other major supermarkets. At around $3 for a packet of 22 crispbreads, I’d say its pretty competitive with other products in the cracker/biscuit aisle. Writing this post has made me re-realise the goodness of Ryvita, and I would like to be buying these more often than I currently am. Ryvita is probably one of the best diabetes-friendly products in the cracker aisle of your supermarket.

Nutrition Information


  • 11g to 13g per serving of 2 crispbreads


  • 1g to 2g per serving of 2 crispbreads
  • 3g to 7g per 100g


  • 0g to 2g per serving of 2 crispbreads
  • 1g to 8g per 100g


  • 2g to 3g per serving of 2 crispbreads
  • 9g to 12g per 100g

Dietary Fibre:

  • 3g to 4g per serving of 2 crispbreads
  • 15g to 18g per 100g

Glycemic Index Estimate:

  • Low (less than 55). NB: While there is no GI data specified for this product, I would estimate a low GI rating based on its ingredient list of wholegrain rye flours, seeds and grains.

Product Overview



  • Around $3 for a packet of around 22 crispbreads.

Where to buy:

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