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Unless I’m hypo, biscuits are generally a no-no for me. But lets face it, a cuppa is pretty boring without something sweet to go with it. Earlier this year I stumbled upon Belvita Breakfast Biscuits in the supermarket, and seeing Low GI on the box pretty much sold it for me.

There are six different varieties including Chocolate, Cranberry, Fruit and Fibre, Milk and Cereals, Crunchy Oats and Honey and Nut that boast five wholegrain cereals and a slow release of carbohydrates. Each box contains 6 individually wrapped packets of four biscuits, which makes it a great long lasting staple for my desk drawer at morning tea time.

The ingredient list doesn’t look too shabby either, with some healthy-sounding ingredients comprising the 63% cereals and oats that Belvita is made of. I’m also impressed by the “4 hour slow release of carbohydrates,” meaning that my blood sugar levels aren’t likely to skyrocket from a little indulgence. Other health related research on the box, conducted by Belvita, gives me confidence in putting the product in my shopping trolley.


On the downside, I’m not convinced that these biscuits should be consumed as a substitute for your breakfast carbohydrate source as the box suggest (they are biscuits, after all!). I normally opt for a smaller serving of 2 biscuits as a snack, rather than 4.

I would also be wary of the percentages of fat and sugar in the product per 100g (ideally 10 per cent or less). With the fat per 100g ranging from 14 to 17 per cent and sugar ranging from 20 to 28 per cent, I would recommend choosing one of the varieties at the lower end of the scale such as Milk and Cereals or Cranberry.

Belvita’s tastes have been a hit and miss for me. While the Honey and Nut variety was absolutely delicious, the Milk and Cereals was off the mark. Somehow I just don’t think the flavour of milk and cereal goes down well in a biscuit, but perhaps you’ll disagree.


With that being said, I would still recommend the brand as a diabetes friendly snack (in moderation, of course!). I only purchase Belvita occasionally, mainly due to the fact that a box will last me several weeks and I like my variety! Belvita can be found in Woolworths, Coles and IGA supermarkets in Australia. At around $4 to $5 per box, Belvita is double the price of a packet of comparable Arnott’s biscuits. However, I don’t mind paying more for something that is better for me, and they are often on sale at up to half price.

There aren’t a lot of products in the biscuit aisle that can proudly identify as diabetes friendly, so well done to the guys at Belvita for coming up with something original.

NB: This information is an average across all six varieties, precise information can be found on Belvita’s website.


30-35g per serve of 4 biscuits


7-9g per serve of 4 biscuits; 14-17g per 100g


10-14g per serve of 4 biscuits, 20-28g per 100g

Glycaemic Index Rating (GI): 

GI rating of between 45 and 54 (low). NB: Not certified by the Glycaemic Index Foundation, information is backed by Belvita’s scientific studies involving the breakfast biscuits.


Milk and Cereals, Fruit and Fibre, Crunchy Oats, Honey and Nut, Cranberry


$4-$5 for a box of 24 biscuits (6 individually wrapped packets of 4)

Where to buy:

Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other major supermarkets.



4 thoughts on “Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

  1. I agree with your observations on this product. I like the oats and cranberry versions the best and it’s true that they give you a bit of “sweet luxury” without so much of a diabetic high. It may be only our experience, but we have not opened one cellophane pack without finding at least one, and usually more, biscuits broken. At the price, you’d think they could be delivered in one piece.

  2. My sugar levels dropped amazingly to almost healthy levels after a breakfast snack of these. Is it just luck or have I stumbled against something. I guess time will tell. My levels have been very very high 15-18.
    After 1portion of these it came down to 10.4.
    We will see what happens tomorrow.
    Watch this space

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