Nice and Natural Nut Bars

I start work very early in the morning, and my job requires me to be on my feet all the time. So by 10am when I am in desperate need of a mid morning pick me up, a Muesli bar is usually my snack of choice.


I like the idea of Nice and Natural nut bars as they are something different to the usually chewy, oaty muesli bars that I’m used to. There are also many advantages to nuts being the main ingredient in these bars. They are a good source of protein, which is important for maintaining energy levels, muscle mass and body cells such as blood, skin, nails and hair. Nuts also provide a sustained energy release, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer, and have a lower carbohydrate count compared to muesli or oat based bars.


The downside is that the fat content is higher than I would like. I like to choose items with less than 10% fat content (i.e. 10g of fat per 100g), but then again you usually only eat these in small serving sizes anyway. The bulk of the fats are healthy fats from your nuts, and I would usually burn it all off throughout my working day.


With five different varieties including choc top and yoghurt top, I am yet to get sick of Nice and Natural Nut bars. Not too sickly and not too sweet, the taste is just perfect for me. They are in my shopping trolley every week.

NB: Nutrition information is an average across all varieties and is per individual bar.


  • 12g to 16g


  • 7g to 11g

Glycemic Index Estimate

  • Medium-Low
  • The core ingredients including nuts, oils, dried fruit and oats are Low GI. The bars also contain some higher GI syrups, flavourings and sugars. However I don’t think these would raise the GI of the product significantly, as the bars don’t appear or taste overly sweet.

Where to buy


  • $4 to $5 for a box of 6 bars


  • Original, Yoghurt, Chocolate, Apricot and Trail Mix



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